Tim Green Syracuse

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Tim Green Syracuse and His Story of Greatness

There’s more to Tim Green Syracuse than meets the eye. Sure, he is one of the finest and definitely one of the best football players in history. However, his love for football is not the only thing that make him a great man. A footballer, lawyer, and an author of best-selling books – there is no doubt that this individual is both a triple threat and an inspiration. Read on and be mesmerized by his story of greatness.

In an article published by Sports Illustrated, He also stressed the importance of reading. The NFL, where the peak of his career was shaped, has launched a campaign called Play 60. He decided to make the campaign better and more comprehensive by adding 20 minutes of reading. Tim Green Syracuse  connects with an NFL team/player with whom he would be doing the Play 60 program, then they would head to the library to READ 20 another 20 minutes of activity. Green strongly believes that doing so has an immense impact on the lives of children. True enough, only a great person can use his influence to create other great individuals as well. But, how well do you know Tim Green?

When Green and Orange Combined

Tim Green was one of the most successful football players to hit the field for the Syracuse Orange at Syracuse University. Prior to joining the team, he had already been a star athlete at Liverpool High School. In fact, he was chosen as the Upstate New York Player of the year back in 1982 and received the National Football Foundations Scholar-Athlete award His career started to take off when he decided to  attend Syracuse University despite the many other big universities who had been recruiting him. At Syracuse University, he was a starter for three consecutive years. He set three school records for most sacks in a career (45.5), in a season (15) and in a game (4).  To  present , Tim Green’s Syracuse record for most sacks in an entire career -45.5 remains unbroken.

In 1985, he earned two prestigious awards. He became the University’s MVP and Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference co-player of the year. One of the highlights of his football career at Syracuse University is his position as a team captain. He also played for George O’Leary and was part of the team that defeated the undefeated and top-ranking Nebraska Cornhuskers team. When he concluded his career at Syracuse Orange, he had an outstanding record of more than 341 tackles.

Tim Green graduated from Syracuse University magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and Co-Valedictorian  with a degree in English in 1986 and Syracuse University College of Law cum laude in 1994. While at SU  Tim Green was a two time consensus All-American, Syracuse Scholar, and Rossman Scholar for Humanities. In 1986, he became part of the NFL Draft and was handpicked as the 17th overall pick by Atlanta Falcons. His NFL career was then about to soar higher and Tim  Green Syracuse was bound to become a household name.

Tim Green Syracuse Soaring with the Atlanta Falcons

The beginning was not easy for the fresh graduate and new draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons. As with baby birds, Tim had to find ways to spread his own wings as a linebacker from being a defensive line starter for years. During his first three years, he was  on the injured reserves list. The once star named He was forced to transform himself again to the defensive line where he truly excelled. For three years (1989 to 1991), Tim Green Syracuse displayed astonishing accomplishment of 121 tackles, a total of 37 in quarterback pressures, since sacks, and four impressive fumbles.

For eight seasons, He had become one of the Falcon’s top players. In 1994, he retired from football. His academic performance was just as excellent as his performance on the football field. In 2002, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Upon retirement, his love for football could not have been more evident. For 11 years, Tim worked as  a sports analysts forFox Sports, working with the likes of Pam Oliver, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Buck, Kurt Menefee, and Kenny Albert,  just to name a few.

The Transition to Television

It has also been evident that Tim Green Syracuse continued to be active on TV even after a successful football career. Aside from being an NFL Analyst, he also became a notable TV hosts for years. He hosted a revival TV program called A Current Affair which focused on crimes and news-worthy stories. In addition, he likewise hosted a show called ABC’s Find My Family where  adopted individuals get to be reunited with their biological parents or siblings. This program may have also inspired him to write one of his would-be novels a few years  later. He was once part of Good Morning America, Battlebots, and a legal- based show called Court TV.

Tim Green Syracuse as a Wordsmith


Prior to retiring from football, Tim had also started to cultivate a career as a lawyer. Such an enormous  goal did not stop him from pursuing other things that mattered to him  – writing, and  became a New York Times Best Selling Author . He has written 15  suspense novels. One of his all-time best-selling book called ‘The Dark Side of the Game’ was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes.  He has also penned a memoir called A Man and His Mother: An Adopted Son’s Search which caught the attention of several magazine shows including Entertainment Tonight and ABC’s Prime Time. The memoir was also featured in PEOPLE magazine.

So, he is a football player who is actually a lawyer and a writer. Many find it astonishing how Tim Green developed a penchant for writing. Little do many people know, this former Syracuse Orange and NFL player started his writing career while studying at Syracuse. . He had the grand opportunity to study under the mentorship and guidance of Professor Tobias Wolff who is an award-winning writer. One of his breakthroughs as a writer was when he released his first novel targeting young readers called Football Genius back in 2007 – the book hit the New York Times Best Sellers list. The book became an instant success and inspired him to write several other novels Football Hero, Baseball Great and Football Champ.

Tim Green as a Lawyer

He  is known as the Renaissance Man in the world of sports and the Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated have specifically labeled him so. Aside from earning a stellar academic background, unparalleled football, an array of best-selling novels, a TV Personality, Tim Green is also a practicing lawyer in the State of New York. Tim Green Syracuse passed the NY State Bar exam in 1995. He is now part of the Barclay Damon, LLP working to  expand the firms client base. He takes an active role in representing cases involving intellectual property and energy.

On May 1,2014, Tim partnered with Scott Brenneck establishing  Team Green Lawyers, PLLC. Brenneck, a former Assistant District Attorney, and a group of highly-experienced former prosecutors have teamed up to provide legal services. They provide criminal law defense while covering other practice areas such as DWI defense, traffic charges, and criminal charges. He and the entire Team Green Lawyer also offer free case analysis. While carrying on with his responsibilities with Barclay Damon and Team Green Lawyers, Tim Green Syracuse continues to travel in different parts of country campaigning for the importance of education, literacy, and pursuit of dreams.